What Makes a Great Career Counselor Mentor?

  • A career counselor is a guide on the side, not a sage on the stage, through providing resources, asking in-depth questions, and allowing you to make your own choices.
  • Career counselor mentors think outside the box and will take into consideration your interests and personality when considering career choices.
  • Assists you (the mentee) in exploring skills and strengths beyond what you may be aware of on your own.
  • To recognize God’s potential in the mentee.
  • Help make life-changing decisions through God’s direction.
  • Create a safe space for profound inner growth.
  • A career counselor mentor lives in integrity and lives a life of authentic spiritual maturity, knowledge, and wisdom.
  • A career counselor mentor is very patient in allowing you (the mentee) to process information, make decisions, and go through any healing in your own time.
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